Punters Pay to Test Drive New DB11, in Tuscany

Believe it or not but prospective Aston Martin DB11 owners are actually paying for the test drive, albeit in Tuscany.

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Guests on Aston Martin’s Art of Living trip to Italy next month will be among the very first to drive the firm’s all-new DB11 grand tourer, though they will pay considerably for the privilege.

Even journalists have only driven pre-production prototypes.

The two night, three day ‘At Home with Aston Martin: Drive DB11’ trip is based at the 15th century Villa Collalto, 45 minutes south west of Florence and not far from Siena.

On the morning or afternoon of the second day, drivers take the wheel through a landscape described as a ‘rural idyll of olive groves, castles and vineyards’ with a chance to ‘explore the winding routes, hilltop villages and stunning views of Tuscany.’