We do not stop talking about this wonderful week

Cara Isabella,
Is, IO lo so qui o prenduto molto tempo per scrivere a voi…..
Tanti a passato doppo Collalto!
Ma una cosa e certa: non possiamo aterizare de questa setimana in terra e in realita
Now let me change to English because I am sure that my Italian spelling is full of mistakes.
Of course we do not stop talking about this wonderful week (the whole group) and at least half of the Israelis are jealous.
We look at the pictures on and on and smile with so good memories. As a matter of fact yesterday I finally set with a woman that is going to design the album for us and gave her the right instructions. I’ll probably have it by mail (it will take time) and I promise to send it to you.
How are you and your bella mama? Please send her all our love.
Again I personally want to tank for all you have done together with A……, A….., R….., H……, C….. to make this week one of the most beautiful in my life. It cannot compete with my marriage, the birth of my children and of course the birth of L…… my grandson which you know well all of them.
So hope to see you sometime in the near future and don’t forget, if you ever come to visit in Israel you are our guests.
All the best and baccios,